I agree that all of the posts have been really interesting.

I have been out in my gardens for the last week cleaning it up and every single plant was beautifully budding. It is an amazing experience to feel like the garden is a part of me. I love to see the plants wake up and start to grow again. Especially love long springs – more time to savor it. I can just get lost in puttzing around the yard – probably my favorite thing to do in life!

My sister is the cook of the family and I am the gardener. The funny thing is that I cook like I garden…Put something in the oven and think that I should forget about it for awhile and that it has to be in there a long time before it is done (like planting something and checking back in a week to see how it is doing). My kids tell me that I should take things away from the heat before I think they are ready.

Off the subject of onion snow…sorry…

I love your blog/website – it was very nice to read how you quit smoking – I am trying to do it now. If I wanted to write to you about that, should I post it here?