Ah, good luck! You could leave comments in the comment thread for that post, sure, or email me if you like (see Contact page), though I’m afraid I don’t have much more advice beyond what you’ve already read. Thanks for checking out the site. One always hopes that the few, uber-popular posts will lure some folks to explore further (though if all they do is satisfy people’s curiosity about one thing, that’s cool, too).

I used to love vegetable gardening when I was a kid, but we had dogs then and they helped keep the animals away, though we had to put up fences, too. After the last of the dogs died, the deer made it almost impossible — and in any case it’s no fun having to garden inside a stockade. Fortunately, about that time the Amish moved into the adjacent valley and we’ve had no shortage of good, affordable produce ever since.

I like long springs too. What would be nice right now, though, would be a week or two of warm weather to bring out the early wildflowers and the shadbush. Then it could get cold again and hold them. That’s the ideal for me.