Lacrimae rerum

I went for a walk yesterday morning along the stream
I saw shadows & reflections mingling in the same pool

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the reflections too mingled images & shadows

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a mayfly dipped her ovipositor in the pool & a fern began to twist

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& I looked down & saw my own body turned into a screen for the shadows of reflections
a flickering black-&-white feature

then the sun moved on

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this is that stream you can’t step into twice

in fact you can never step out

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outlines dissolve in the current
words fail
the vision blurs

9 Replies to “Lacrimae rerum”

  1. Wonderful, Dave! I do love water and what it does as it dances with light and shadow. Your photographs are just amazing.

    I’m really enjoying your smorgasblog – such interesting finds! So much to read, so little time….

  2. Dave, I commented before about your writing and now I’d like to comment on your photography. Truly, I can’t believe you grab these shots so effortlessly each day. The eye is everything in photography and you are paying attention, it seems to me, and letting us view your world in a way that is compelling.

    I don’t know the history of the link you had in this post, but I gathered the day was as reflective as the stream – as in musing about life and passing. This double-entendre hits, if I understood it correctly. And also reflecting on “never stepping in the same river twice” to become “in fact you can never step out.” Until we do – and ending on blurred vision is crushing, for me, because I read into this that the water was our own. Perhaps I read too much into this (I have been known to do this in poetry). I think the link, the images, and the poem combined, gave me the feeling.

  3. Hi folks – thanks for all the comments! I’m in a bit of a rush this morning, but please be assured I appreciate these kind words, in each case from someone who knows very well whereof s/he speaks!

    Curt – No, I think your understanding of the post is almost exactly what I had in mind.

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