Festival of the Trees blog upgrade

I finally got around to revamping the coordinating blog for the Festival of the Trees – go look. The new sidebar features links to past and upcoming festival locations, which alone should make the blog worth including in blogrolls, links pages and bookmarks, I hope. And if your blog has been included in a Festival post, it should be listed in the “participating blogs” section. I’ll update the sidebar early each month with fresh links. And of course Pablo and I will keep posting announcements and reminders in the main column.

So please, if you have a blog:
1) Link to the Festival, and help us spread the word.
2) Blog about trees or forests, and send in the links!
Thank you.

2 Replies to “Festival of the Trees blog upgrade”

  1. A classy looking coordinating site! I particularly like the search function, which seems as if it is not an implanted tool with the usual attendant advertising.

  2. Oh, that came with the template. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would need a search function for a blog with so few posts, but what the heck.

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