In the midst of an article on Derrida’s tears, whatever, this made me laugh with those ‘hoots.’ My favourites: hyperlinking back to dreams – it’s only so much time before we can get our dreaming brains wired to the internet for sure; the reciprocity issue, oh, that’s a big one, tit for tat, X’s, linking and de-linking; and the “bility of the blogger to maintain a regular blogging habit despite a paucity of readers, comments or links,” which has me shaking with buried laughter here, I know that one so well. Recently I’ve been looking at the TOS of various blog sites: Blogger, Xanga, Livejournal, Gather, TypePad an interesting and scary exercise. Which got me thinking – you’ve obviously given blog etiquette some thought, you could probably create and run quite a blog site yourself. It’d be interesting to see what your T(erms) O(f) S(ervice) would be. I mean, how hard can we laugh (in contrast to Derrida, whose Memoirs of the Blind is making me weep).