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  1. Lorianne – Yup. It’s Last Call at the Milkweed Saloon, and the milkweed bugs are crowding in for one more drink.

    Bill – We’re seeing a ton of migratory monarchs here, too. Of course, in PA they tend to follow the ridges, and our field is a sea of goldenrod, so even on off years, we still see a few.

  2. I don’t know how they have the fuel for all that flapping. They seem spread evenly though the landscape, flapping through the forest, above the forest and across fields at various heights. I’m smashing and buffeting them as I go to town and they come traipsing singly and in twos and threes. They are refueling at flowers I can’t name, hanging and resting momentarily. As soon as one is gone another appears.

  3. It’s a mind-boggling phenomenon, no doubt about it. I’d love to see the monarchs at their wintering grounds in Mexico sometime. We’ve gotten a small taste of what that might be like here, on a few occasions: on late afternoons, cool temperatures can trigger hundreds of monarchs to clump together on tree branches for the night.

  4. Wow. They are grand and uplifting. Takes me out of my own concerns to seem them chancing inexorably accross four lanes of highway. Then I think of the next interstate 100 miles to the south and the vast extent of their pressing risk. Last week they were working into a headwind. Perhaps on such days they choose to fly low and thread through the thickets of forest, which they do so easily, like smoke.

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