aspen on spruce

The new Festival of the Trees is up, and it’s a thing of beauty. Go look.

The first of the month also means a new post at my mother’s blog, which reprints her “Naturalist’s Eye” column from Pennsylvania Game News magazine. This time, read all about the weird and wonderful pileated woodpecker.

Finally, Jeremy Bruno takes a unique mythological approach to Circus of the Spineless #17.

2 Replies to “Festive”

  1. Love this image and the nest of snow…
    And I’ve read a lot of Cherokee materials but didn’t remember anything about dancing around a rhododendron fire in order to bring on snow. Interesting.

  2. Thanks.

    I hadn’t heard about it either, but the source seemed more-or-less reputable. If such a ceremony did exist, however, “dance around the fire” is probably an over-simplification.

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