Little Sadie

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Parental Advisory labelPARENTAL ADVISORY: Contains explicit lyrics. Granted, explicitness is generally considered to be one of the main features of good writing. But this is America, where most people prefer sugar-coated platitudes, perception management, and bald-faced lies. What we really mean to say is, this contains lyrics describing things that no impressionable young mind would have any idea about, were it not for music such as this. Also, please be advised that the failure to expose your child to at least 20 hours of Mozart per week, instead of the depraved noise made by low-life degenerates and colored people, is now treated as a form of child abuse in some states.

5 Replies to “Little Sadie”

  1. Thanks. If you like the YouTube videos, be sure to keep an eye on my new sidebar links section (on the main page only), imaginatively entitled “Gleanings from the web.”

  2. A great pairing of songs, Dave. The only thing missing from your was the sound of a worn boot stomping out the rhythm on the stoop! Good to hear (& see) the Man in Black giving us ‘Delia’. I used to play a version of it with my good pal Doug Smith in our short-lived but oh-so-eclectic band The Sturmey Archers.

  3. Glad you liked, Dick. I don’t know why I wasn’t tapping my foot this morning. But yeah, that was one of Cash’s last bona fide hits – won him a whole new audience, I think.

    Do you still have any tapes (audio or video) of your band lying around? That’s probably something a lot of your readers would be interested in.

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