ruffed grouse tracks

Who does the grouse think she’s fooling, leaving a line of arrows in the snow that all point back in the wrong direction?

maple bark

What makes the bark of a growing maple lose its smoothness in concentric rings?

Top of First Field

What do porcupines think about when they see the sun scale the sky?

porcupine spruce

Is that why they’re mostly nocturnal — they don’t like the competition?


Will the trees have any memory of winter, or is it just a big blank?


In case you haven’t noticed the link in my sidebar, I have a new photo gallery. (Thanks to H. Rutherford for the idea.)

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  1. Thanks, quiet regular and marlys. I can’t take entire credit for the maple bark photo. A friend of mine pointed it out on an earlier walk, when I didn’t have a camera with me. I went back and snapped it a week later (on the 24th).

  2. Simply stunning photos, Dave, they hit me like a cold bracing wind, waking the sleepy brain. And the flickr presentation is smooth and easy.

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