The review was a very enjoyable piece for all of the reasons mentioned by others. I also liked Lucy’s comment about the 8 year old reader. That made me think of how much I liked old books when I was young (well, I still do). We had some interesting old books — an old bird field guide with paintings, an early 20th C. edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (or however it was titled), a leather bound “Ralph Raymond’s Heir” with a boy on a pinto horse embossed and painted on the cover. All of those with yellowing pages and seeming somewhat other-worldly to me (almost typed other-wordly — which is perhaps true too). The first Jules Verne books that I read where huge tomes that seemed more like ships log books to me. I still respond to books on that level – the typography, page design, paper, cover. Hmmm… See how that piece you’ve written has spun off some interesting thoughts.