My new book

Bullshitting for Dummies

I just received the page proofs for my new book, due out in late August from Wiley Publishing. If you’d like a review copy, let me know. Here’s an excerpt from the Preface.

Prime-grade bullshit is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. It’s immediately recognizable by its marbling — flecks of arresting imagery and compelling analogies within an overall lean prose structure — which enhances both palatability and believability.

But ask yourself: would you rather consume bullshit, or produce it? Just as the USDA has convinced consumers that the watery and tasteless flesh of feedlot cattle is something to be prized, so do seasoned bullslingers know how to take advantage of people’s general tendency to believe any claim that is attractively packaged and/or authoritative-sounding. This book will teach you how to run with the bulls in easy, step-by-step language that anyone can understand. And that’s no bull.

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  1. “Would you rather consume bullshit, or produce it?”

    This reminds me of Roy Cohn in Angels in America, asking Joe “Do you want to submit to the laws, or do you want to make the laws?”

    Although yours is funnier.

  2. Truly it is an unprecedented honor to witness your unselfish giving of yourself as you spread the secrets of what is perhaps the world’s most treasured, most highly valued skill to others. As you prepare to sow your wisdom in your fortunate readers’ minds like seeds in a fertile field, I hope you can bear this awesome responsibility with all due humanity — and humility.

  3. Thanks for the comments, y’all. I can see that very few of you will have any need of this book.

    Last year, my April Fool’s stunt was to move here. I have to say, everyone was a really good sport about it — in fact, I’m amazed by how many of you continue to play along.

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