Festival of the Trees 11 is a many-branched wonder. Check it out.

amorous birches

Word of the Day: Treeple pl n [fr. tree + people, by analogy with sheepleq.v.]
1. Trees possessing unusually anthropomorphic forms or qualities
2. People as slow-moving and firmly rooted as trees
adj treeplish

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  1. It has a pleasant linkage with steeple–a tall and often sharp aspiring tree that seldom moves unless it falls.


  2. What a great word, Treeple. Maybe some type of fae?
    Cool photo. Love the gentle bend of the tree.


  3. Thanks.
    Maybe some type of fae?
    Obviously, you haven’t seen very many Pennsylvanians. :)


  4. A useful new word, Dave. It is so easy to see human-like forms in trees; recognition of the human face and figure is instinctual and due to our imaginations we are prone to “false hits”.

    I liked marly’s word-echo “steeple”… how about another word “peeple”, for those who tend to urinate in public places? My daughter was appalled by the numbers of peeple she saw on a visit to Berlin a year or so ago.


  5. Ha! Yes. Japan is another place not to go if you’re bothered by that sort of thing (I personally find it quite liberating, but then I’m a guy).


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