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  1. Whew! This inspired me to go off and try my hand at tankas, which resulted in the worst poems I’ve ever written — and that’s saying a lot. I think I’ll leave it to you and the Japanese courtiers. (Have you ever wondered why you have such an affinity for various kinds of court poetry? Some sort of Jungian shadow, Dave the effete aristocrat? :-)

    This is a lovely poem. And I have just now a keen sense of how difficult.

  2. Teju – Glad you liked.

    Zhoen – That’s a good wish. I hope I’ll feel that way then, too, if I get that far. Inshallah.

    loren – Thanks. Again this morning that summer light wears a coating of snow here.

    Dick – I hear ya.

    dale – Thanks! I’m going to have to add your comment to my growing file of back-handed and unintended compliments: I’m very honored that something I wrote could inspire you to such a frenzy of creation, which sounds downright purgative in its effects.

    If I occasionally manage to sound like the ancient court poets, I suppose it’s because I like to wallow in similar sloughs of melancholy at the fleeting nature of joy and beauty.

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