Trees in the concrete

Wal-Mart carts

On the About page for the Festival of Trees, we note that “We are interested in trees in the concrete rather than in the abstract.” Xris of Flatbush Gardener thought it would be fun to take that literally and have “Trees in the Concrete” as a theme for the next edition of the blog carnival. In his own words:

Yes, I am also interested in trees in the concrete […]. Urban trees and forestry. Street trees, park trees, weed trees. So, for the next Festival of the Trees, I’m especially looking for submissions on this theme. This is not a restrictive theme, so anything which fits the FotT submission guidelines is welcome. If you have a doubt, send it. You can submit entries via the Festival of the Trees Submission Form on BlogCarnival. You can also send an email to festival (dot) trees (at) gmail (dot) com with “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line.

The publication date will be May 1st, 2007. The deadline for submissions is April 29. It’s my first time hosting a Blog Carnival, so be gentle.


4 Replies to “Trees in the concrete”

  1. And may I say, these are fine examples!

    I’ve been reviewing and collecting the submissions as they come in, with over a dozen so far. This weekend I’ll begin acknowledging and responding to them: accepting, asking for clarification or more info, rejecting with cause, and so on. Also will be soliciting submissions from a few folks around the web and blogosphere.

  2. Sometimes I think it’s really helpful to have a theme when coming up with ideas. I haven’t submitted anything lately – thanks for the heads up. Glad for a few weeks to think on it!

  3. is FOT a submission for websites only? I have gone over to check it out when new issues are released, but I was never sure whether you could submit photographs of trees or… what exactly? (And I just tried to check now on the guidelines, but it seems the school district filter suggests that FOT is a “bad” site and is preventing me from viewing. Sometimes I wonder if schools go a bit too far to protect the kiddies — they are blocking sites that may actually be educational.)

    And I like your picture of the Wal-Mart trees. I am always happy when I see landscaping around busy shopping areas. I always think, “Well, at least they are trying.”

  4. Laura – I’m glad you find it helpful. I hope lots of others feel the same way!

    Gina Marie – I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. It’s a blog carnival: people post stuff on their own blogs (or websites, Flickr pages, etc.) and send a link to the address indicated for inclusion in the next edition. Have you read the About page? If so, and you still don’t get it, we obviously need to do a better job explaining ourselves.

    I don’t think my read of Wal-Mart’s motives would be nearly as charitable as yours!

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