14 Replies to “Foggy morning: four quick takes”

  1. I laughed at the first and pondered the rest. I love birds, so find the third the most to my liking, but I think they work best as you have them: a quartet.

  2. Hi, all – thanks for stopping by!

    Paisley – Yes, but I find that this very poetic-ness you mention makes fog a problematic subject. I tend to be personally rather wary of excessively lyrical content.

  3. Thanks.

    These reactions are quite useful. The third haiku was actually the one I expended the least thought and energy on. It goes to show that “inspiration” is sometimes highly over-rated. (And FWIW, my own favorite was the fourth.)

  4. Well, I’m with you, Dave. The fourth one is a wonder. One of those “I can’t believe I or anyone else of whom I am aware has never thought of this before” moments.

  5. Hi Dave,

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