Dave (via Pterry) … best Festival ever!! You set a high standard — it’s going to be hard to come right after this festival. (gulp!)

I love the way you have so seamlessly stitched together all the diverse links and material submitted for this month’s festival. Especially love Pterry’s commentary… and the podcast of katydids talking to each other. That really set the tone of this festival: a cacaphony of different bloggers, artists, scientists, naturalists, photographers, writers, poets … and just plain old “tree-lovers” (as if that were really “plain!) … this cacaphony given sense by the expert eye and sensitivity of Pterry&Dave (written that way to emphasize that they are really one and the same being) ;-D

There is so much food for thought in Festival #14 that — for me, at least — it will feed my curiosity and interest in trees for the whole month of August. Thanks for a great post.

And now I wander off to explore the forest of links….