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  1. Eureka! I found them!

    Two phrases, “resident naturalist” and “whining gears in reverse”, were not to be found in any of the pockets of these archives, nor on any much-thumbed page. So vivid in my memory, yet so entirely absent I feared I was loosing my mind, but then, I cast off elsewhere into the brambles and old sheds of Plummer’s farmstead, and there, on the steps of the “The Morning Porch”, wreathed in crepuscular gloom, they sat, nearly side by side, little more than a week apart, soon to be steaming in the morning sun.

  2. Thanks.

    Yeah, neither the regular nor the advanced search will catch the stuff on my sidebar (Google might have it in cache, I suppose). The more logical way to display the Morning Porch content would be through a dedicated category outside the main loop – i.e. in its section of Via Negativa – but I like playing with Tumblr, and it’s much less effort. Sorry!

  3. Didn’t mean to extract an apology! That separateness and “unsearchablility” made for a memorable hunting experience. I like it better than fine that “The Morning Porch” is a lean-to the visitor approaches from the front walk, and that it maintains the unremarkable silence that is unassailable by comment. Love the gloomy aerial backdrop on the twitter page. Though leafless, it pleases my lemur ancestors.

    “Resident naturalist” is a very good one. I like to put an X on the spot where I find something like that.

  4. Bill, I’m glad you’re enjoying the experiment. Know of any good artists who might be interested in collaborating on an eventual book? I’m thinking woodblock prints would be especially nice.

  5. Wow! So you’re taking about a handmade book? I’ll ask the three people I know of who probably wouldn’t, but might know of printers who probably wouldn’t. I’m flattered, confused, and a little concerned for you that you think I could be of any use to you in all this.

    I hear making woodcuts is pretty cheap. Hint. Hint. But it might take a few years to get used to things being backwards though.

  6. Yes. Not a handmade book, simply an illustrated one.

    I mention it to you, Bill, because I got the impression you spend a lot of time browsing art on the internet. I’m just looking for leads at this point.

  7. Wow, I have qualities! Yes I have tossed away days of sunshine, but looking at stone art almost exclusively. Wood-cuts I don’t know from, but I am very happy to ask around.

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