Thanks for the comments.

Peter – Hey, I didn’t think of that. Maybe that’s why so few people gave it a second glance!

…deb – Voles are rodents, yes – see here. I should make it clear that I’m not 100% certain of that i.d. But it’s too big for a shrew, the back feet aren’t right for a mole, and the tail’s too short for a regular mouse.

So far we haven’t had any sharpies at the bird feeders this winter; usually we do get a few. We often have both sharpies and Cooper’s hawks nesting on the mountain. Mom wrote about watching the latter here.

Joe Hyam – Single-minded, yes; “greed” I’m not so sure about. Though there are predators that kill more than they need (weasels, housecats), I don’t think raptors are among them.