short, loud, ambulatory trees

LOVE. This is precisely what I know I am to the majority of the wildlife I encounter.

These photos are gorgeous. Was trying to remember Pale Male’s name recently – had it in my head as ‘Joe’ or ‘Fred’ or something typically NY blase – have several longtime NYC friends who hang on the instances of adapted city wildlife with the kind of desperate hunger only urban living creates: a thing that is both great (for them, for the animals for figuring out how to survive us) and depressing for the total lack of experience with animals who are not dependent upon us.

Animals adapted to urban settings are interesting. We do get to see more of them, but what we see is human/urban adapted behavior. Chris’ post about nature photography and the presence of fiction vs. real narrative of our consequence to the animal world was right on – and, I hope everyone is made to have the experience at least once in their life of meeting an animal who has not adapted to us. For humility’s sake.