Thought-blogging the Democratic debate

The debates have become so scripted now, the only real action takes place in the candidates’ heads. And since that’s pretty much pure speculation, why hold off blogging tonight’s debate until it actually happens? Here’s as good a guess as any at what they’ll be thinking tonight.

B: I’m Bruce Springsteen and I’m reporting for duty! Heh.

H: I don’t get it. After everything Bill and I have done for these people, to drop me for this upstart. Why can’t I get no RESPECT? Now I know how Aretha feels.

B: I can meet with my enemies. I can, I can! Ugh. Diplomacy is a bitch.

H: If I can just get the Bubba vote, I can win this thing. Lotta Bubbas in Texas and Ohio. We’ve done the race-baiting, we’ve stoked anti-Muslim sentiment… I just need to beat a bit more on the “all words, no action” bone. Trailer trash HATE intellectuals!

B: Go ahead, call me “articulate.” I dare you.

H: Now if we could only link him to the French. Anything French. I’ll bet we can find a tape of him refusing to order Freedom Fries…

B: She is so Yale. She fairly reeks of noblesse oblige. Probably shared Dubya’s silver spoon. Go Harvard!

H: Wait! My God — he’s left-handed! Must tell my staff to work on an innuendo about that. “Sinister”? No, Bubba won’t get that. Uh, let’s see… Leftie. Leftist. Left behind. Is America ready for a left-handed president???

B: Is this where she does her skit with the Happy Hands Club?

H: American voters are such pathetic sheep. And now they think they’ve found their perfect shepherd! Jesus Christ. Just once I wish he’d morph into McCain and start frothing at the mouth.

B: I see your “experience” and raise you one “Iraq war vote.” Flush!

H: Now with the cursed “mandates” again. I am so sick of these preemptive attacks.

B: So “bitch is the new black,” huh? Good luck with that. Last time I checked, Americans liked bossy women about as much as they liked angry black folks. Hope the unsinkable HMS Hillary packed enough lifeboats.

H: Wait, why did they boo that line? My writers told me it was fool-proof! O.K., time to enter the confessional, I guess. I hate this shit.

B: I could do this in my sleep. In fact, I could use a nap right now. Damn! Did Ms. Weepy Eyes slip something in my water?

H: He’s not the underdog — I’M the underdog! Do you hear me, America? Owooooo!

B: What is up with this woman? Why do we have to keep sniffing each other’s butts?

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  1. H: I must remember to say “WE�, I must remember to say “WE�, I must remember to say “WE�

  2. Both candidates might like to take a stab at the best part of Kerry’s acceptance speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. It reads:
    “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, so much. Thank you. Thank you, so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

    Just a suggestion (still searching French youtube for Obama with Freedom Fries)

  3. Heh. We always believe H is thinking, “I *hate* that guy!”

    And if you believe your internets, 4 of the last 6 have been lefties. Maybe it *is* a sinister plot.

  4. Keith – That link was interesting. “Hornswoggle,” etc. are all familiar words to me – I’m surprised they’re not to everybody. In any case, I am interested in the rhetorical aspect of this campaign, since the opposition to Obama (Clinton and now McCain) have made an issue of it.

    I like your suggestion of a Hillary thought – yes!

    Lee’s River – Yeah, that struck me too. Kerry was such a wooden guy, wasn’t he? He can’t help that, I’m sure. But the whole pandering nature of the salute and that “reporting for duty” really turned my stomach.

    Rurality – 4 of the last 6 presidents? Are you kidding? I don’t think we’ve had truly leftist president since Jefferson – and he was a slaveholder.

    Ironically, because of my failed internet connection, i was unable to watch the debate at all. Good thing I didn’t plan on liveblogging it!

  5. the whole thing is giving me a stomach ache.
    “Stomach Aches for Jesus!”
    “Honk if You Hate Politics, Too!”

    i’ve tagged you, Dave, if you’re up for it.

  6. I enjoyed your post Dave! I do believe Tuesday’s debate was even less interesting than last Saturday’s heavyweight boxing match! 12 rounds decision…no sweat and no blood.

    Since I live in Iowa, I was able to see all of the candidates several times(at least the ones that I wanted to see). I caucussed for John Edwards.

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