Festival das Árvores

Juliana writes,

Pela primeira vez o Festival é sediado num blog de outra língua diferente do inglês e eu prometi tentar com meus básicos conhecimentos gerar o blog totalmente bilíngüe diretamente de São Paulo-Brasil! […]

For the first time, the festival is hosted by a blog from a language other than English and I promise to try, with my basic knowledge, to generate a fully bilingual edition directly from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

As I wrote in the announcement post at the Festival of the Trees coordinating blog, it’s hard to find a country more closely associated with trees and forests in the international imagination than Brazil.

Aside from the bilingualism, other special features of this month’s edition of the FOTT include the “be a tree” poems at Read Write Poem (a prompt specifically inspired by the Festival of the Trees — thanks, Juliet!); on-going coverage of a busy beaver in Missouri; a two-part post on how to cure an ailing coconut palm in Tamilnadu; and the greenest street in the world. Go look.

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