Yes, I should think comment editing ability is a very good ideal to pursue, and for my part I’m sure I’ll try again, though I don’t like reporting on my misadventures! I’m not liable to edit my comments very well anyway as my favorite thing to do with a comment is to let it fly. I’m not one to keep them long in hand. If I do, they don’t get sent.

Plug-ins are a big mystery to me, but I’m interested in them because of what they can apparently accomplish. I’d like to be able to make my browser frame disappear and I hear there’s one that can do that. As well I’d like to reverse my scroll orientation, and if I’ve understood correctly there’s one that can do that as well. I’ve been doing a lot of finger pad scrolling on my laptop (an equivalent to right click mouse scrolling perhaps ?) and I’ve just come to notice that when I move my fingers down the screen goes the up, in the opposite direction that I’m moving my fingers and it’s really messing me up! That needs to get straightened out! I want the sense of having the page under my fingers and being able to move it that way and not have to fly up over it like a hawk over field as it passes under me. Maybe that’s not the best way to explain it: I’d like to have the page move the direction my fingers, or mouse, is moving. I think you have a PC, does your screen move with you?

In the case of the ventifacts I actually had prior independent knowledge of them. I had a bit of difficulty with the Simic metaphor, so I was happy to clunk around with such ready to hand literal objects. I always am. Nothing like stuff! There was some 80’s pop song that had the line…there’s a hole in my heart where the wind blows through… was it Pere Ubu? No… But I like wind shaped holes. Meteorites are somewhere else you can find them, though it’s not exactly a case of wind erosion, and it’s really cool when they give the feel of a wind shaped liquid, as though they were molten, even though they probably weren’t, though I wouldn’t know. Libyan desert glass, sand vitrified by a meteor impact then left to weather millennia of sandstorms is another neat kind of ventifact.

Are they fossils? Probably not, but that one geologist did call them that so I went with it!

Sorry to go on so discursively. I’ve been away, as I was being a jerk, so thanks for having me back. I’ll try to be good and to stay sober.

Thanks for the Orwell link. I recently enjoyed very much reading “Down and Out” at an Orwell-on-line site, especially since I managed to come across pages not of white, with too high contrast, but a very reasonable grey.