I don’t know. I think it’s realistic of him to suggest that under such cicumstances the power of spring to revive the spirit might be somewhat lessened, so in that sense spring is not quite the resurgence of life and light that we are used to experiencing.

Down and Out was good. But my favorite book of his was Coming Up for Air, which strikes me as more prophetic than either Animal Farm or 1984 because it takes such a hard look at our relationship with the natural world.

“Plugins” as I was using the term refers specifically to optional WordPress code added on to the core functionality, which is lean by design. But if you’re using Firefox there are all kinds of extensions and user-side scripts that you can add – maybe some people call them plugins, I don’t know. I don’t know about other browsers because I don’t use them, except when making sure that a site I’m tweaking displays properly.