Poem for Display in a Veterans’ Memorial Park

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Veterans beware: remembering is a form of lying
at which politicians and war-mongers are especially adept.

Flag-burners beware: the U.S. Flag Code identifies fire
as the only proper & respectful way to dispose of a flag.

War memorial builders beware: pigeons are a kind of dove.
Whatever you do, they will have the last say, & it won’t be pretty.

Readers beware: all poets are traitors.
This poem was written from the prison of a bad conscience.

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6 Replies to “Poem for Display in a Veterans’ Memorial Park”

  1. More like “reader beware, the poet is a wise-ass”. :-)

    A wonderfully sardonic take on Memorial Day!

  2. What? No one’s going to take me to task for that too-facile opening statement? Well, I guess I did kind of indemnify myself there in the last stanza.

  3. and such truths be carved at a slant
    upon the minds of those who rant.

    so at ease in your place, ns

  4. Hi Nadine. Glad you’re liking it here, and thanks for the couplet, which makes me think about the difference between ranting and poeming.

  5. Ah! to find myself in logos on the web, among others who decipher the hint of sardonia.
    just one of these spontaneous emissions after seeing the stimulating photographs on peace signs.
    thanks for the feedback, nadine sellers

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