I’d about have to think there might be something positive about a flipped, un-repositioned rock. Maybe I’m just a natural born apologist for modernity and as you know… I’m no entomologist nor ecologist, but I’m sure I’ve read a paleontologist who wrote that plants and animals once capitalized on the opportunities which turned up in the havoc wreaked by gomphotheres and mastodons: access to foodstuffs, new places to settle, and that they miss it now, that the present stability is sterile.

I know the IRFD hasn’t been around long enough for wrens and robins — or molds or who knows! — to get in sync and take advantage, and yes, I know, nipple-toothed bulldozers are doing the work of mastodons and then some — I’m just looking at it from the other side.

OK — Done — All put back.