“More wondrous
than any gold, this human

I flashed on that scene from Silas Marner where Silas loses his gold. He awakens, and confused, for a moment reaches out to tentatively touch the pale blond hair of the sleeping child Eppie, thinking he had found it. Little did he know he had.

Yea! I had previously “borrowed” the still photo of last year’s Marsha expedition with grand children to illustrate my silly song here at home printer publishing house. Now I have a movie and an actual poem to go with!

If a poem can be judged by how many ideas spring up from its metaphors, this one is pretty much gold. Its juxtaposition with mother and niece panning for gold bugs in the stream would indicate you drived much inspiration there also. I identified with Marsha’s statement that she keeps on rock flipping when the little one is on to something else. That’s how I acquired my expanded Cub Scout rock collection. (grin)