Paul – Thanks. I’d thought this was going to be an essay when I began writing, but the form didn’t take too long to assert itself.

dale – I guess I’d agree with David: I don’t think this is an entirely new mood for me. However, I must confess it was written under the influence of Georg Trakl, and no one did autumn melancholy better than him.

David – There still is some green here, but almost all of it is close to the ground – except for tree trunks right aftr a heavy rain or wet snow, when the lichens open their stomata.

Marie – Hey, thanks for stopping by.

carolee – Thanks. I wasn’t sure whether to expand on that thought or not. Glad it worked for you as-is.

leslee – That’s a pretty funny verse! But as a February baby I do feel some affection for these dreariest times of the year.

Michelle – Glad the combo worked for you. Usually I’ll go for the smaller size when mixing my Flickr photos with poetry, but since each stanza here was the result of ekphrasis, I didn’t think it would overwhelm the poem to use the medium size.