12 Replies to “Snow on the Windshield”

  1. i love the line about them being able to land but not bite. that’s so thrilling.

    and then the surprise of the the little girl appearing. and she’s so delighted.

    i’m leaving for maine in a few days — want me to wave to anyone for you as i pass through? :)

  2. What “sad grey chill”?? I watched yesterday at work and it cheered me right up. Even before the girl (your niece?) showed up. It’s full of blossoms and horse tails and soundless stars. I’m not crazy about the cold, but the first snow of the year never fails to bring out the little kid in me.

  3. I love the sounds of this: the sushplink of ice elves on weeds, the boreal call of the train, the bright prancing tap of your niece, your mother’s voice and laughter. Counterpoint, snot. Music. Thanks.

  4. Thanks, all, for the kind words. Yes, that’s my niece. She’s up here a lot, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her. A massively exuberent child.

    Carolee – I was only five when we left Maine, so no contacts there. But I did imprint on certain aspects of the north woods: bare granite, low junipers, and lots of dark conifers can still set my pulse racing. Have a good trip!

    Leslee – Thanks for speaking up for the season, despite your dislike of the cold. As you know, I love winter for its aesthetic and ascetic qualities — that whole Wallace Stevens “Mind of Winter” thing. But I also dress very warmly, and have learned to ignore discomfort. It’s not for everyone.

  5. I decided to check out a your blog and I really liked this entry. Like Natalie said your niece really lights up the grey start with her smile and bright clothes. Looks like shes having a blast.

  6. Hi Eva! Yes, and this afternoon, cold as it was here (in the 20s Fahrenheit), she refused to go home before Steve took her on a long walk up to the top of Sapsucker Ridge. She really likes being outdoors.

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