7 Replies to “Next time, the resolution will not be televised”

  1. Thanks. It’s only been up for a few minutes, and my RSS feed is virtually non-functional, so it could take a while for the votes to roll in.

  2. Damn. I started voting, then started snickering. And that just won’t do in a poll of such merit and deep thinking. How to choose? How to choose. Thanks for this.

    Now to vote.

  3. Well I’m glad to see the hangnail, the fly ash and the fantasy warcraft have failed to get any votes, though I’m disappointed that LaBrea didn’t do better, her presence in the world of Plummer’s Hollow could be most enriching I’m sure.

    Happy New Year Dave, with love and gratitude!

  4. Same to you, Lucy. Thanks for voting, but damn, it looks like I’m stuck trying to live deliberately. I was so hoping this might be the year for living large! I guess that wouldn’t be seemly in a recession.

  5. Once again, with feeling.

    As if the top of my head were taken off.

    In trust, in hock, in situ, in extremis.

    With pizzazz, topped with brio and onions.

    Lovely poll, Dave!

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