The high priests of poetry glitter like silver toothpicks. Don’t think about where they’ve been: the closets, the lavatories, the confessionals. Don’t mistake their laughter for genuine mirth. I remember our free-range chickens, that so-called flock of birds too fat to fly, how the roosters crowed at awkward hours and how every morning the hens would announce their new-laid miracles to the world in keening monotones, the first one sparking the others like a parking lot after a minor earthquake — all the car alarms going off at once. I remember how brutally they enforced the pecking order. Some winter mornings we’d find half a hen in the hay; bug season couldn’t come quickly enough. To be fair, though, their cruel stupidity was inbred, and may have been triggered by paranoia: almost every week two more members of the flock went missing from the shit-caked roosts, until spring when a new crop of chicks appeared in the rat-proof pen in the middle of the coop. Broody hens and second-rank roosters heard that EEP EEP EEP EEP and got excited. They’d wander up to the pen, tilt their heads as if taking confession, and go AWWWWP.

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  1. I looked up AWP and found “Associated Writing Programs”: is that what this is about? Sounds like the deadly MLA: ambition and drama that would have been outsize for world domination, and all for a few ill-paid jobs and some mild miniature fame.

  2. Yes, AWP is the MLA equivalent for the MFA/creative writing set. Many of my writer friends and acquaintances attend the annual conference, which just concluded.

  3. O yes, the AWP. I can’t tell you how many times I have escaped its lure, by letting all deadlines and such pass, and coming up with wonderful other excuses why I couldn’t attend. All this during my MFA years and tenure in the collective poetry press!

    Indeed, very naughty, but brilliant!

  4. Two Dishes – If I had a day job, I don’t think i’d be ready to quit it just yet.

    Thanks, all. Hearing other people’s horror stories about the AWP conference just makes me all the more determined to work toward a different kind of ethos at qarrtsiluni. The collaborative, slef-deprecating spirit currently on display with our Mutating the Signature issue is a small but significant part of that, I think.

  5. Every scientific professional society conference I’ve ever attended has been, um, pecking-order oriented, and I’ve sampled a broad spectrum of biological fields.

    I would never have insulted chickens by comparing them to tenured science faculty; however, I once offered a pointed analysis of tail biting in overcrowded hog lots to my major professor, and soon found myself enrolled in another graduate program.

    Well, that’s how I found myself on Droop Mountain….

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