Spirit captions

man with a spirit face

A headache came tapping like a convict at the end of a tunnel.

We were on the air ten hours a week offering bad advice & good pewter spoons.

I would no sooner open my mind than a bad idea would slip in & begin to replicate itself.

With factories on all sides, flakes of soot sometimes grew to grotesque proportions.

The rabbi warned us never to go out without our yarmulkes.

I’m a positive thinker. We create our own destiny, you know.

My twin died before we were born. We were best friends all through school.

I’ll never forget the astonishment on that Hun’s face.

I’m telling you, Doctor, the moon follows me everywhere I go.

I was a punch line in the comics with my empty thought-balloon.

Turnips, radishes, potatoes, leeks… I am getting in touch with my white roots.

I’ll have you know that “laudanum” comes from the Latin word for praise.

Spirit catchers are an old, old thing. What I want to know, Mr. Hope, is how you capture light.


Man with a spirit face appearing” is the work of the spirit photographer William Hope (1863-1933).

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