Luna moth on a black walnut tree

Hours old,
the luna moth’s wings still look
as if they don’t fit.


Full moon.
The starving kitten
cries for milk.


At school,
the squire’s moon-faced daughter
was one of many Emilys.


Forty years on,
I remember that new-book smell:
You Will Go To The Moon.


Entering a patch of moonlight
in the forest,
my sudden boots.

22 Replies to “Lunar”

  1. Funny how each has a favorite.

    I adore the second. Simply perfect. As it turns out, I was looking at the moon last night, and I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to say about it. But you have, here.

  2. I like all of these quite a bit. I saw a huge lunar moth myself this past Sunday evening, on the edge of the forest near a labyrinth just after dusk. The light was dark green and wouldn’t yield a good photograph to me. I had thought of writing something and may still…or not…this is wonderful. I love the sudden boots especially but also the starving kitten.

  3. Hi everyone – Thanks for all the generous words. These were a little on the experimental side, and were written much too quickly, so I’m glad several of them made a hit.

  4. I’m with Lucas in liking the second best, but it’s that perfect, luminous green at the top that really catches my eye. All these years I’ve been struggling to put a name to the color I keep painting my walls; now I can call it luna-moth green.

  5. Sheesh, you can tell how absent I’ve been by the fact that I didn’t comment immediately on this one. Gorgeous photo of my favorite moth, and terrific poems. (I like the Emilys.)

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked the Emilys one. Writing a haiku about something historical, not directly experienced (except through the medium of a live play) felt a little weird.

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