6 Replies to “What are the crows really up to?”

  1. What is this “poem-like thing” really up to? I’m so intrigued, I can’t stop reading it. It’s a hybrid of prose e-survey, poetic pondering, philosophical speculation, and “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” If I had to choose just one answer (can’t I check all of the choices?), I would choose “evidence to be used against us.”

    1. Actually, you can check all the boxes. I always make my survey poems multiple-choice, but for some reason don’t advertise the fact.

      I’m glad you liked the hybrid form. I forgot to tag this poem when I first posted it, but I’ve remedied that now, and you can see all my survey poems here.

  2. Great one, Dave! I really enjoyed it. Definitely gathering evidence – you nailed that one. Remembering an Ammons short poem about crows. “They’d take over if they had hands” was his conclusion. Not sure if he ever published that one – he read it from a sheet of yellow tablet paper at a reading one day at Cornell.

    1. Hi Matt! Good tip – I have Ammons’ Collected Poems, but haven’t spent enough time with it. When I get a chance I’ll go through and look for crow poems. A cursory web search turned up one on somebody’s blog: Abandon.

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