Secrets of the trees

Should secret places be shared or keep hidden? What might they teach us about our own, secret connections with natural places and the trees that help define them? These are some of the questions raised at the latest edition of the Festival of the Trees, “Hidden Among the Trees,” now live at Arboreality.

This is Jade’s fourth time hosting the blog carnival, and I think she really raises the bar in terms of organization, writing, and of course the number and variety of links — which isn’t to say she doesn’t also include plenty of lighter material: dinosaur theme park photos, jungle bridges in India woven from living tree roots, and a hollow chestnut in Portugal “giving birth” to ten people. Go visit!

oak leaf in water

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    1. Oh, sorry. There’s a “blogroll” link down below the Smorgasblog. I guess I need to make it more prominent. Actually I was considering adding all those links to a WordPress blogroll and making a proper links page, but using Google Reader’s javascript is really convenient, because I don’t have to remember to add or subtract links as I change my RSS subscriptions.

  1. That’s a great leaf photo, with those little line patterns around the edge of the leaf. I’m sure they’ve got a name but I don’t know what…

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