Under the highway

under the highway

A split in the pavement where vehicles enter the overpass: from underneath, next to the tracks, it sounds like a heartbeat. Thump-thump. Soil in which nothing has sprouted in 35 years. The once-a-day Amtrak gathering speed, faces hidden behind tinted glass, & the blinking tail light disappearing around the bend. Thump-thump.

8 Replies to “Under the highway”

  1. A striking shift of location from the outback to the overpass. I wonder what epiphanies might have resulted from a surprise confrontation with that graffito.

    1. I don’t know. Fortunately, my quick reflex action with the camera was able to ward off any stray moment of reflection it otherwise might’ve prompted in me.

    1. Really? Cool! This just goes to show I ought to post something everyday no matter what. You never know what’s going to resonate with whom.

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