Cocktail Dress

My window is blocked by
an enormous vinyl
for a red
cocktail dress.
If you’re looking up
from the street,
I am right behind
the left breast,
shameless as a blood fluke.
When the sun strikes it
at 3:00 in the afternoon,
the room fills
with evening
& I raise the window
to listen to it
crackle & hum.

Prompted by this photo, which was also the image used for Read Write Poem’s first ecard contest.

2 Replies to “Cocktail Dress”

    1. Unfortunately, another re-write (#4) since you left that comment removed the hawk even farther from the picture. (I decided to go back to my usual pattern of leaving almost everything unsaid. Plus, human blood flukes are tragically underexposed in lyric poetry, and I’m trying to redress that balance.)

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