I am thankful for pine needles.
I am thankful for uncivil engineering.
I am thankful for rapture-ready Christians.
I am thankful for my balls.
I am thankful for synergistic competencies across solution implementation, product/platform technologies and selling channels.
I am thankful for Potted Meat Product.
I am thankful for like, whatever.
I am thankful for standards-based curriculum mapping.
I am thankful for palpable resentments on a stick.
I am thankful for Thursday.
I am thankful for fresh pink pencil erasers.
I am thankful for leveraging on-demand business intelligence solutions.
I am thankful for the Incredible Hulk of dogs, Wendy the whippet.
I am thankful for the hypertext transfer protocol and to the republic for which it stands, except where otherwise noted.
I am thankful for “88” sounding like “fortune fortune” in Cantonese.
I am thankful for habeas corpus, Corpus Christi, and corpus delicti with special sauce.
I am thankful for gratitude.
I am thankful for two-headed snakes blinking in sync.
I am thankful for latent-trajectory and latent-growth-curve models for a dependent variable having ordered categories.
I am thankful for every serviceable device.
I am thankful for sand.

15 Replies to “Thanks”

  1. My first public blog was written under a pseudonym. The blog was called ‘Radical Happiness’. It was a series of short posts of things I was thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving Americans.

    1. Thanks, John. As you may know our national steteotype of Canadians is that you all are excessively polite, so a blog devoted to thanking the universe does seem somewhat in character. :)

    1. I don’t know. It’s usually in the Spam aisle around here. And the full name is actually “Potted Meat Food Product,” just in case anyone had doubts.

  2. As a Brit and thus on paper congenitally inclined to sneer at public thanksgivings of any sort, I am thankful for anyone cracked enough to be grateful out loud for fresh pink pencil erasers, two-headed snakes blinking in sync and his balls.

    1. Well, you know me, Dick — I’m a deeply religious man. I think it’s important to feel gratitude not just for the good things but for whatever life throws my way, be it two-headed snakes, standards-based curriculum mapping, or balls.

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