What are your favorite web periodicals of 2009?

As a follow-up to my previous post, I was thinking I’d put together a new list: Ten Favorite Web Periodicals of 2009, until it occurred to me that my picks might not be as interesting as yours. For one thing, I’m too busy publishing my own periodicals (qarrtsiluni, Moving Poems and this beast, among others) to read as extensively as I otherwise might. Plus my list would be heavily weighted toward publications of a literary nature, such as Cordite Poetry Review, Born Magazine, The Peter Principle and Terrain.org. There’s a lot out there that I’m missing, to put it mildly.

So I’m interested in hearing what other people are reading, for possible inclusion in a new post and/or poll, depending on the response. It can be any kind of online magazine, blog, or blog carnival, covering anything from political commentary to science to the arts. My only requirements: its most recent content must be no older than June 2009, and it must have a working RSS or Atom feed. In the case of a blog carnival, it should have a coordinating site with its own feed. Oh, and please don’t nominate any of my stuff or your own stuff — let’s keep this classy. (Nominating magazines you’ve been published in is of course fine.)

UPDATE: Please let me know if your comment doesn’t appear; I don’t normally check through the spam folder before deleting it. I have temporarily increased the limit on the number of links you can leave in a comment to five. If you have more than five recommendations, feel free to leave multiple comments.

8 Replies to “What are your favorite web periodicals of 2009?”

  1. http://commandax.blogspot.com/ (erratic phenomena)–it has lengthy interviews with some really amazing artists, and the interviewer always goes in with her homework done, making them very interesting…

    http://through-the-sapphire-sky.blogspot.com/ (through the sapphire sky)–i find fascinating bits of japanese art history here.

    and i love the artworks regularly posted to these painters’ blogs:

  2. For poetry and other creative writing I probably read a lot of what you do, Dave (but certainly nowhere near as much or as regularly – I find I can’t pay the attention it deserves to poetry if I’m tired, which I almost always am).

    New favourites which joined my list this year and which I do read pretty regularly:

    Persimmon Tree

    Quarterly Conversation

    and their editors’ blog, Conversational Reading

    Three Percent (Literature in Translation)

    Words without Borders

  3. There’s so many, and favourites will vary from time to time, but here’s a few current contenders:

    Right Hand Pointing (http://www.righthandpointing.com/)
    Eclectica (http://www.eclectica.org)

    Excavated Shellac (http://excavatedshellac.wordpress.com/)
    Haji Maji (http://hajimaji.wordpress.com/)

    Other stuff:
    If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger (http://tsutpen.blogspot.com/)
    Nothing To See Here (http://www.nothingtoseehere.net/)

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