Multiple readings are often the key to poetry.

I find myself pulling down old favorites and setting them aside to read in bits and pieces later, as I box up donations of my personal library in the attempt to pare down my books. (Never that many since the fire of 1987 which destroyed my books and killed my father.) It is odd to be doing this on many levels for me as a writer and a reader, that girl on her bicycle with the basket heading several miles to the Edison Branch of the Detroit Public Library. This was in the late 1950’s. I would make the return trip with many books in the metal basket and read the collection weekly during the long summers. The librarian questioned whether I was reading them and my mother had to phone her and assure her that yes, I was reading these books each week. Now, with my health issues, I am grateful to read what I do manage, far less than more than a half century ago, unfortunately.

Thanks for what you have done to help promote poets/poetry/small presses.