A thought-provoking exercise, Dave, and a thought-provoking post. Let me begin by saying, like everybody else, how awestruck I am that you actually read 30 poetry books in 30 days.

Though, as a person with a full time job, I doubt that I could follow through on 30 full collections or even chapbooks in a month, I do like the idea of using April to read deeply rather than widely. In spite of my best efforts, I always find myself becoming querulous during April because so many “poem-a-day” places are poking so many poems at me by so many poets. I go into some kind of overload. I get behind. Then there are all those e-mails clogging up my inbox and making me feel guilty. I must not really love poetry.

I don’t read too much in magazines and anthologies for the same reason. I like a fairly big bite of a poet.

So I might participate in a more limited way – maybe two or three a week?

I do like the idea of using the occasion to revisit books.

Last, — and I’m running on here, I apologize — I do find much reward for reading locally. (Thanks for the link.) Though there is considerable unevenness in the craft skill of the various poets I post, I love the opportunity blogging Kentucky poets for a month gives me for revisiting old friends (in the literary sense) and discovering new voices.

In light of what I’ve just written here, though, I wonder whether next year it might be fun to post 30 poems by the same Kentucky poet. It would have to be somebody out of print, I guess. But that might be a joy.