World Cup haiku

Night game:
every player in the crosshairs
of his own four shadows


Even when he floats,
landing is just as hard:
slow-motion replay


Back and forth
from head to head to head—
& the ball makes four


Behind the prone body,
the perimeter ads
all turn over


Hand on his solar plexus
where a foot connected,
he jogs upfield


Waving the flag
of their just-beaten team—
“We’re on TV!”


Six hours later
I go outside to see it,
that African moon

0 Replies to “World Cup haiku”

    1. Oh, I have a DVR, but I can’t bring myself to record sports and watch later – once a game is over, even if I haven’t inadvertently found out the final score, I couldn’t sit through and watch with any sense of suspense!

  1. Just catching up – love these, and as with Dale, the first in particular. I noticed those pinwheels everyone was running around with. Alas, I’ve hardly been able to watch the games since most have been during my workday – not very satisfying to just check the scores on Google News. I think I did better the first year I watched them (8 years ago) from Japan in the middle of the night.

    1. I hesitate to recommend the purchase of new gadgets, but I think if I had TV, a Tivo would be essential. I love watching shows like the Daily Show online because I can watch it on my own schedule, not theirs.

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