Nicely done, Dave! My responses can’t possibly measure up. My own questions follow the set.

1. If the heart is hard it doesn’t matter how whole it is.

2. Nah, you can tell when grains of sand get tired because they relax into one another, becoming glass.

3. Why, yes. Or a broom.

4. You wear glasses in your dreams? In my dreams, I have perfect vision. Making up, of course, for the fact that I cannot run, speak, appear in a classroom on time and fully clothed, etc…

5. Sea chanteys.

6. Snips and snails and puppy-dog tails. (Translation: What’s to love about us?)

7. PT Barnum seemed to think so, if the ones born every minute are indeed reincarnates…

8. Mermaid-pound test.

Here are my questions…

•What long-lost love does the moth see in a flame?
•Why are there two twelves in a day, but no twenty?
•Who is they?
•Why do a composition textbook, a replacement headlamp for my car, and one dinner for two all cost about the same amount of money?
•Who is minding the store?
•Why B-flat?
•Where do you go when you aren’t listening?