Solstice meditation

solstice clouds

I’ve always felt a little sorry for the sun because it cannot cast a shadow.

laurel leaves with solstice sun

What does it have to remind itself of its own eventual death?


What would the henge builders say about a god who never eats and a people who no longer believe in sacrifice?

twigs in snow

What would the ancestors make of our craze for the living dead?


  1. These are beautiful photos, and wonderful sentences that make me look again.


  2. Your lonely sun reminded me of that lonely Moomin comet Will Buckingham was writing about!

    Beautiful photos and meditation.


  3. Lovely and interesting, though of course there are still people (not very many writers, admittedly) in our country participating in ceremonies of sacrifice and renewal on Sunday mornings (with not a “god who eats” but one who is eaten.)


    1. Yes, but as a nation we are increasingly told that we should indulge ourselves; the language of collective sacrifice is virtually absent from our politics. I am not sure what the statistics are on deists who think it normal to restrict their communication with deity to petitionary prayer, and never give it anything in return, but I suspect they are a pretty large proportion. After all, you’re talking about a people who expect to pay nothing in taxes and yet enjoy a full range of social services.


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