Letter to Arrythmia

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Dear arrhythmia, dear perennially
side-stepping, asynchronous and rapid
tachycardia, I’ve learned not so much
to fancy up my footwork than to fake
a passable improv: not even time
to do my nails, check my hair or lines
for an audition call— but here we are
again in the molasses of a telenovela,
gliding from moments of near hysteria
then shimmying to the Copacobana
as doors revolve like windmills
in the background… And it’s true, then,
what they say about you: how you break
knees, break hearts, and then ask
Will you dance? Sometimes I want to stop,
just be the wallflower, enjoy the view— be
the one the waiters come and tend to,
their silver trays bobbing with fancy,
pileated tufts of napkins. Oh but I’ve never
known the ease of a downier partner:
only you dealing and dealing it out;
sometimes, more than I can muster.

Luisa A. Igloria
02 13 2011

In response to today’s Morning Porch entry.

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One Reply to “Letter to Arrythmia”

  1. Louisa, in the last week your poems have touched on two things I know well…a sick child and arrythmias. You have captured both of them so well. A latecomer to Dave’s site, I am going back to read and enjoy your other poems every morning (over de-caffeinated coffee) : ) Thank you.


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