I love the idea of trying to read a book of poems a day, and I’d love to read the same books that you and Kathleen and others were reading. Any chance that we could compare lists? I realize that may take more coordinating than we might like.

Maybe, instead of coordinating the whole month in advance, we could simply choose 4 books, and that way, folks who can’t read a book a day could commit to a book a week. We could know in advance which week would go with which book. We’d know that people would be commenting (perhaps) during that week.

I’m not trying to be the bossy girl who shows up at the party and rearranges all the place cards on the table and cuts the cake in bigger slices (or smaller, depending on your sense of metaphor and relationship to cake). Just a thought.

I’d also be happy to help with the organizing . . . but again, maybe that’s just my inner bossy girl pushing through.