Kristin, I’d be glad to let you try and organize something. I thought about including my list of books so far in this post, but then shied away from it, because it’s possible that I will end up disliking one or two of them, and picking up another book that day instead. (I am not into blogging about poetry I don’t like. Since so few people read poetry already, my project here is to spread enthusiasm for it.) So maybe a better idea would be to share my list with you via email and you can see if any of those titles seem like candidates for the chosen four. I can then read enough of each of your nominees to decide if I like them, and we can publicize the list. How does that sound? Or do you have a few candidates in mind already? Email me (and Cc Kathleen if she’s willing) if this sounds like a good approach. By the way, I like assertive women, being a little on the obnoxious side myself. It’s quiet people I have a hard time relating to.