Wonderful. Clive is possibly the ideal interviewee, you probably the ideal interviewer. A superb combination.

I listened in two parts… drifted off to sleep last night halfway through, woke up this morning and listened to what I’d missed. During the first bit I’d been struck by the beauty of the birdsong. After the second bit it struck me as an aural equivalent to the negative space on the canvass Clive had been talking about. I thought particularly about the poem you wrote mentioning the leaves like blades.

Then I wondered whether you’d ever interviewed anyone out and about in Plummer’s Hollow, what the birdsong sounded like there. Then I thought what I would love to hear would be someone interviewing *you* out and about in your native habitat. On hikes. Etc. I’d also love to hear an episode with the deer hunters, or one deer hunter maybe. That sort of thing.

And while I’m being so free with my opinions I’ll also mention that I particularly noticed and appreciated how much of Clive’s work seems to owe its being to love – the inspirational and nurturing aspect of love, in this case of a partner, the tearing and harrowing side of love with the loss of a beloved, in this case a parent.

And finally (yes, really), would it be possible to put links to some of the pictures talked about in the podcast? As a newcomer to Clive’s art I’d love to know what the “dark” period looked like, how the horse’s skull is drawn.