Dave, you’ve convinced me to accept my invitation to join G+ though I think I need another social network like a hole in the head. I’ve been neglecting my micropoetry and everything else this summer anyway in service of doing readings and writing long-form poetry.

FB seems like a game of chance to me. My “friend” list has got so big (and it’s small by most measures) and unmanageable that the chances that I’ll see any one person’s updates seem pretty slim. As for Twitter, a few minutes in that constantly accruing chatter and I’m exhausted with it.

You also convince me to keep on blogging. Stats on my blog have been falling precipitously this summer. I don’t know whether it’s because people aren’t reading any more or because they are looking at the little blurb on FB and not bothering to come see the actual blog — or maybe reading through feeds, but at any rate, I’ve been sort of wondering if it’s time to hang it up. But the blog is what I like when I’m sober. I’ve been a little first-book drunk this year.