Good, I’m glad this helped convince you not to neglect the blog! Summers are always a hard time to get people to read, especially anything a bit challenging, such as poetry or reviews thereof.

Yes, I should’ve made it clear that it’s the sheer size of my contacts list on FB that gives me trouble. That’s why I wanted the lists feature to work as advertised — it’s the only way to make the feed usable, even after blocking updates from every game and application. Some people of course respond by radically pruning back their friends list, but if I did that it would defeat my main purpose for being there: to get to know people I don’t know very well (with an eye to finding new contributors or editors for qarrtsiluni, new hosts for the Festival of the Trees, new videopoets for Moving Poems, etc.). Theoretically LinkedIn would be a better tool for that kind of networking, but it doesn’t seem to be the way most people are using it, and besides, that’s a damn boring site — it’s all about me me me.

Glad to hear you haven’t been neglecting the long-form poetry. I finally got around to ordering Weaving a New Eden and have been enjoying it very much.