Wild Nights (videopoem)

Watch on Vimeowatch on YouTube.

Usually I would wait till morning to post something completed so late at night, but this one needs to get its first few views from my fellow night-owls. It occurred to me that Emily Dickinson might well have envisioned a male narrator for her poem “Wild Nights…” (1861).

I first watched the silent footage used here on CreatureCast last year and was entranced. Fortunately, they license everything Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike, God bless ’em. You can watch their original, higher-resolution version here. “This footage shows what a remotely operated submarine was seeing at about 600 meters depth in the Pacific Ocean.”

The music is “Soundscape #3” by Ithaca Audio on SoundCloud. Oddly, as I was taking a break in putting this together to surf the web a few hours ago, I happened on a blog post about the guy behind Ithaca Audio and his approach to creativity and sharing. There’s serendipity for you.


  1. Like! nice choice of footage – really is enchanting – and the soundtrack is a good complement.


  2. This is lovely, and I think it’s a good thing my original comment never made it :-)


  3. Thanks, y’all. And while I was perusing the complete poems last night, I found so many more Dickinson poems I want to make videos for!


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